The Office Team gives a closer look at co-authoring on Word 2016 and Word Online.


With Office 2016 and Office Online, Microsoft has introduced a new feature by the name of co-authoring. This allows you to share a Word document that you are currently editing with friends and colleagues in real time and allows for them to edit the document as well. Today the Office team gives us a closer look at how this feature works and how it may be expanded in the future.

On its blog site, the Office team gives a step by step visual of how to share a document (you can check it out in the source link below), but basically after saving a Word 2016 document file to OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint Online, just click the share button in the upper right of the window and begin choosing contacts with whom you would like to edit your file in real time with, it’s that simple.

As far as the expansion of this feature in the future, the Office team says:

Real-time co-authoring was born out of our need to provide users a more cohesive experience when it comes to collaboration across the desktop, online and mobile scenarios. Even though real-time co-authoring is debuting on Word 2016 for the desktop, you can expect to see this feature come to life in other Office apps like Excel and PowerPoint in the near future.

If interested in catching this hot feature in action, watch this video demonstration below.

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