Office Phone – the new branding for Windows Mobile?


29, 2010

We know as Windows Phone 7 lacks many enterprise features, and Microsoft has always intended for Windows Mobile to live on to fill the gaps, recently renaming it to Windows Embedded Handheld, which is not exactly consumer-friendly.

Now there is some evidence the company has decided to rebrand the OS to the more palatable Office Phone.

Microsoft Spain has announced the Sony Ericsson Aspen Windows Mobile 6.5.3 phone as the Office Phone, unusually bearing the Office logo.

Microsoft Spain blog (Bing Translated) describes this new phone as below.

Office Phone, a spectacular Sony Ericsson Aspen, lets you use your office computer in mobility, with the same simplicity and look to your PC. Office Phone offers all the tools that we use daily with Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note…), mail in HTML… everything synchronized perfectly between the PC and our mobile, with transparent and easy access to our corporate server or our online through Microsoft Sharepoint libraries.Office Phone is a Windows Phone (with Windows Mobile 6.5.3 inside) but why spirit combine the best business features with the things we are looking for in our leisure time is very present. With Office Phone also can follow your contacts in Facebook, chat with Messenger, access your personal accounts or, and this is a very interesting, choose different panels for when use you on your side (panels SPB Shell) professional or personal (Sony Ericsson panel) feature.

The question is whether this rebranding will confuse customers further and hurt Windows Phone 7.  Does Microsoft’s move make sense? Let us know below.
Source: The Next Web

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