Office 365 gets activity logging and reporting capabilities

Office 365

Microsoft today announced some new features for Office 365. The company today introduced some activity logging and reporting capabilities for Office 365 users. Here’s what’s new:

  • Office 365 activity report – allows admins to investigate a user’s activity by searching for a user, file or other resource across SharePoint Online, One Drive for Business, Exchange Online and Azure Active Directory, and then download the activities to a CSV (comma separate values) file.
  • Comprehensive logging capability – user and admin activity events are now logged across over 150 events, including file views, mailbox owner activity, Azure Active Directory log ins and many more.
  • Search PowerShell command or cmdlet – an easy way to search activity logs is with PowerShell
  • A preview of the Office 365 Management Activity API – organizations and other software providers can now integrate Office 365 activity data into their security and compliance monitoring and reporting solutions.

These latest additions to Office 365 are indeed some really nice additions for businesses. If you’d like to know more about the latest features, make sure to head over the official announcement blog post where Microsoft’s Ketaki Deshpande  provides a more technical look at the new features.