Ofcom released How to video for parents to prevent phone bill shock

A recent topic in the UK media has been the ability for children to run up large bills using in-app purchases for items such as Smurfberries without a parent’s knowledge.

Now Ofcom has released a series of videos for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone highlighting the built-in tools to control spending on the phones.

Above is their video for Windows Phone, which includes a guide to setting up security features, but which also mentions a uniquely Windows Phone feature, Kids Corner, which allows parents to hand a phone to a child without allowing them to actually interfere with your regular apps.  A feature of this mode is that in-app purchases are only allowed with a PIN code, meaning unless you are reckless enough to hand this to your 4 year old you should not get an unexpectedly large Microsoft Accounts bill.

Via The Register.com