Odds for a WP7 based Zune device looking good


The Zune HD is an excellent combination of great hardware design along with an intuitive OS. Ever since the announcement of WP7 with Zune capabilities, a good portion of our readers and I, have always hoped that Microsoft would come to their senses and produce the next version of the Zune HD using the WP7 OS minus the phone radio. Well, good news maybe on the way. During the last Windows Weekly Podcast #178 (which I highly recommend) with Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte, Mr. Thurrott speculated that indeed Microsoft maybe planning to launch the device which will coincide with the major update to the Zune software next year. The latest 4.7 update was just a minor one focused mainly on enabling compatibility with Windows Phone 7 devices and a few other small items. The next update, which I assume will also bring copy and paste is the one to look forward to. The discussion about the next Zune hardware starts around 1:11:00. Now question becomes, when next year will this be?