Octopath Traveller may be making its way to the PC according to a new ratings listing.

Reported by Gematsu, Octopath Traveler has now appeared on the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea’s ratings board. However, the game is no longer labelled as a Switch exclusive – it’s rated for PC.

Much like other Square Enix games in Korea, Bandai Namco is named as the game’s publisher. The game’s Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea rating has now been removed, but it has since been posted on Resetera.

Since its release, Octopath Traveler has been an incredibly popular game on Nintendo Switch. With 1.5 million units sold and a free-to-play Android/iOS prequel, it’s a great start for a new IP.

With other popular Japanese titles – such as Yakuza – also making their way to PC, it’s as good a time as ever to be a PC gamer.