After a brief new spiel of gameplay footage was released for Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming Xbox exclusive survival game Grounded, fearful fans noted the existence of some big bloody spiders.

Arachnophobes quickly realized that the survival game may not be for them as the creepy-crawly, Eight-Legged Freaks scuttled onto the screen.

However, there’s hope, a sparkle of it: Obsidian revealed last night that there will be a Grounded Arachnophobia Mode to help players battle their fears of pesky spiders. Maybe give them some rollerskates?

“The Grounded team is implementing an arachnophobia mode to help with those who aren’t fans of spiders and still want to enjoy the game,” Obsidian revealed on Twitter after a fan expressed their fears.

“There is still research being done as to what it will finally do. Once we’re ready to show it off, we will!”

Fans have been positive on the announcement of the Grounded Arachnophobia Mode with some even proclaiming their love for the studio afterwards. People really don’t like spiders.