Object Theory Is A New Software Company Focused On Developing Apps For HoloLens


7, 2015

Microsoft HoloLens

This could be a new beginning of the eco-system that develops mixed-reality apps and games. Object Theory is a software development agency focused on the creation of mixed reality applications for Microsoft HoloLens. Object Theory is founded by Michael Hoffman, a Principal Engineering Lead from the Microsoft HoloLens Studios team and Raven Zachary, a successful mobile entrepreneur who sold his mobile development company to Walmart. They will help organizations design, develop, and launch mixed reality applications for Microsoft HoloLens. They will be business-focused – enterprise, vertical markets, and brand opportunities. While gaming and entertainment will be a big area of opportunity for HoloLens, they are focusing on the business needs of the technology.

Their expertise,

  • Entirely new Natural User Interfaces (NUI)
  • Surface reconstruction and object persistence
  • 3D Spatial HRTF audio
  • Mesh reduction, culling and optimization
  • Baked shadows and ambient occlusion
  • UV mapping
  • Optimized render shaders
  • Efficient WiFi connectivity to back-end services
  • Unity and C#
  • Windows 10 APIs

Just like how iPhone started the modern mobile app development eco-system, HoloLens might become the next big thing in the technology space.

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