O2 XDA Zest full review

After the video preview, Matt from TracyAndMatt.co.uk just published a full review for the O2 XDA Zest. Let me remind you what the Zest’s specification sheet includes.

  • 2.8 inch VGA Touchscreen with 65k Colours
  • 624mHz Marvel CPU
  • 3 MP Camera with Auto Focus & Zoom
  • GPS (Integrated)
  • Wi-Fi Class 802.11 b/g
  • microSD HC up to 32GB
  • Memory: 128MB RAM / 256MB ROM
  • Weight 120g
  • Dimensions (H/W/D) 120 x 60.5 x 16.5 mm

The Zest’s features don’t disappoint at first sight, but how well did the device coped on Matt’s review? Let’s see through some quotes off the review.

The device itself is unusual, in that it is very shiny, very black and very plastic. At first it feels quite nice to the touch and the metal accents set it off quite nicely, however after a very short amount of time you realise that it is slightly too wide, as well as slightly too thick and therefore makes it uncomfortable to hold. When set against my Diamond it is slightly shorter, nearly 10mm wider, and 5mm thicker. To me it does look dumpy and squat, yet thick and chunky, not the best start.

As already mentioned the screen is a major plus point the 480×640 is a gem, I did find though, that despite being calibrated, I quite often missed the lines I was trying to tap and ended up hitting the line above. At first I thought it was me, but as it happened regularly and despite recalibrating more than once, I conclude it could be down to the appearance of a decent gap between the actual screen and the screen covering. The camera is pretty good and has to be considered better than average in its sector, and I must admit it got better when I realised that it has a small plastic lens protector in place, underneath the cover, when sent, so don’t forget to take it off!

I really like the screen lock switch that shuts the phone down, having been used to this on my Asus P526; I really don’t know why more devices don’t include this as standard, so no accidental button presses or call answering here, as the phone is locked down completely.

The processor is great, it is an unheard of Marvell TavorP 624MHz, which works very well and definitely one of the better ones about, it certainly pack a punch in delivering speed. The phone I also found to be software stable, it is only while writing this that I realised I have not reset the Zest, at all, since I have been playing with it.

The gripes I have with the XDA is that the battery is not fantastic, it tends to drain quite freely, lasting about a day with moderate use, less with heavy use. It reminds me of the diamond, and this is neither devices’ best feature.

Matt did a great review on this one and even if the specifications sound fantastic, the device isn’t. There are good points on the XDA Zest though, so if you want to check the device, click the here for the full review.

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