O2 Germany announces new XDA Guide


17, 2008

Author Surur // in News

Or should one say “old” XDA Guide?

From the “I did not know they still made those” department, O2 Germany has just announced the release of the O2 XDA Guide, a device which is clearly a simple update of the HTC Touch Cruise (AKA XDA Orbit 2). The HSDPA Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone still features a QVGA display, but the innards has been updated a bit to a 528 Mhz Qualcomm processor and 256 Mb RAM and 512 MB Flash storage. The smartphone will feature HTC’s TouchFlo2D solution and also the excellent Opera 9.5 browser.

The software will also ship with a 1GB microSD card carrying Tomtom 7 with maps for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Clearly designed as a navigation solution, the device will also come with a car mount and car charging kit.

The package is rounded out by a 3.2 megapixel camera without flash and a 1100 mAh battery.

Considering the presence of HTC’s updated low-cost Touch range (the Touch Viva and Touch 3G) this announcement is pretty unusual. The only explanation that comes to my mind is that the Touch Cruise was particularly successful in Germany, and O2 asked for more of the same.

The smartphone is expected to be released in February 2009. Read more about the device from O2 here (google translation).

Via theunwired.net

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