NVIDIA GTX 1650 moves to GDDR6 as industry runs out of GDDR5

April 3, 2020

Nvidia’s GTX 1650 has moved from GDDR5 memory to GDDR6 as the industry’s GDDR5 supplies start to dwindle.

As the company stealth-releases a new variant of the budget GPU with faster memory, many have been surprised by the higher-spec card’s release.

[Shunno-quote] The industry is running out of GDDR5[/shunno-quote]

PC-focused outlet PC Gamer reached out to Nvidia to discover the purpose of the GTX 1650 technical refresh.

“The industry is running out of GDDR5,” a Nvidia representative revealed to PC Gamer, “so we’ve transitioned the product to GDDR6.”

As PC Gamer says, the GDDR5 shortage for a single Nvidia GPU could have major ramifications on the entire GPU market.

Whilst most current AMD and Nvidia cards currently use GDDR6 memory, the more budget cards use the lower spec memory in its stead.

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