Nvidia GeForce Emergency patch released to fix high-risk vulnerability


24, 2019

Nvidia is sending GPU owners a very Merry Christmas with the surprise release of an Nvidia GeForce Emergency patch, just in time for Christmas. 

The simple-to-install patch is an all-new security update for the GeForce Experience application. According to the company, this last-minute patch is designed to patch a severe vulnerability that could effect its users.

The patch is designed to block out a security flaw that allowed would-be attackers to initiate a DDoS, Direct Denial of Service, attack through Nvidia’s application.

Nvidia describes that this attack could not only effect the company’s hardware, but the consumer’s hardware as well. By escalating privileges on the consumer’s PC, the security flaw could potentially allow hackers local access over a person’s computer.

However, while the main threat would have been to local hardware, remote issues would have occurred. The security flaw would’ve allowed hackers to push remote installations into a users PC, potentially disrupting their privacy.

For those who use an Nvidia GPU within their computer, make sure you download the Nvidia GeForce Emergency patch and upgrade your GeForce Experience application to version 3.20.2.

The Christmas period is always an avid time for hackers to ruin fun for everyone and it would appear that this year is no different. While, hopefully, the likes of Lizard Squad and other hackers will thankfully be absent from Xbox Live, PSN and Nintendo Online, there’s always a cause for concern.

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