Nvidia CEO: Windows 8 Should Be On Tablets First

Nvidia’s Jen-Hsun Huang was the last speaker at AsiaD conference. In a question on Windows 8 on ARM chips, he said that Windows 8 should be on tablets first and they should not be considered PC’s. He added that Microsoft Office alone should be able to run on Windows 8 ARM tablets which will be a killer App..

From Engadget,

“It’s important for [Microsoft] not to position these as PCs. From a finesse perspective — I can’t speak on their behalf — but I would come out with tablets first with Windows on ARM. It helps to establish that this isn’t a PC. Will yesterday’s Office run on tomorrow’s Windows on ARM PC? Will a new version of Office run on tomorrow’s Windows on ARM tablets? Both questions are about legacy, and both are about Office. The actual implementation of it is radically different. I see no reason to make Office 95 to run on Windows on ARM. I think it would be wonderful, absolutely wonderful — I’d say, as someone who uses Windows — it would be almost a requirement to me that [the ARM] device runs Windows interoperably. If Office runs on Windows on ARM — it’s the killer app. Everything else is on the web.”

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