Nvidia CEO Not Happy Over Windows RT Sales, Wants Outlook On Windows RT

Nvidia Windows RT

Speaking to financial analysts at Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California, Nvidia CEO Jen Hsun Huang has expressed his concerns over Windows RT. He is not pleased with the Windows RT device sales so far and it is didn’t meet his expectations.

“We expected to have sold more than we did,” he said Tuesday. “I think everybody expected to have sold more than we did.”

“They have to find a way to get into that ecosystem because it’s so disruptive. I think it’s of some importance to Microsoft to continue to invest in RT,”

He also expected Microsoft to release Outlook for Windows RT devices.

“If Outlook were to show up on RT, my life would be complete,” he said. “I am one Outlook away from computing nirvana. Outlook god, please…”

“They own the source code and I know there are smart people up there.

What do you think? Can Microsoft turn the tides of Windows RT with the upcoming update called Windows Blue?

Source: PCWorld