NutriRay3D Smartphone Accessory Can Calculate Calories In Your Food Using 3D Scan, Will Support Windows Phone Too

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NutriRay3D is an upcoming smartphone accessory that is designed to track your diet by scanning your meals and will provide a summary of nutritional facts. All you need to do is to scan your plate and you will have filled up your food diary. NutriRay3D uses some laser technology to obtain a scan of any food item, and with the help of image processing, is able to accurately calculate the volume and calorie intake. Its portability and accessibility allows users to efficiently and effectively measure their diets. It will support Windows Phone devices along with Android and iOS.

NutriRay3D is for everyone ranging from research scientists holding group studies, nutritionists, athletes, gym enthusiasts or parents tracking their children’s diet. Anyone who wants to keep track of their nutrition has the opportunity to with NutriRay3D.

Find the indiegogo campaign page here.