Numskull Designs has been getting around lately with their impressive video game merchandise. In fact, a large percentage of our official Christmas Guide for Gamers included their products. Now, Numskull has announced an official Xbox range of products that all look rather sleek.

First up is my personal favourite item, the Xbox One Controller Button Coasters. These four tea coasters are designed to look just like the A, X, Y and B buttons on the Xbox One controller. (Maybe one day we’ll see some funky LT and RT coasters, but that would be a weird shape for a cup!)

Cyoar, look at them!

The Xbox coasters cost £9.99/$10.99.

Next, Numskull has designed a very snazzy Snapback designed for a “serious Xbox gamer”. Apparently, it’ll look good on anyone’s head – probably even your dog’s!

I agree, that is one stylish snapback.

The Xbox One Pattern Snapback will cost you £14.99/$16.99.

One of the coolest items that Numskull is pushing out with this new range is their Xbox Achievement Unlocked Keyring. The bright green rubber keyring not only looks pretty nice but also has a cute little joke on the side.

The Xbox ‘Achievement’ Unlocked Keyring will cost just £6.99/$7.99. There’s also an adorable Xbox One controller enamel keyring available for the same price here (UK) and here (US)

If you’re a person who does normal person things, you probably need a wallet. Of course, Numskull has thought of everything and there is a gorgeous carbon fibre Xbox wallet available in the new Xbox line. Unlike the cheap fake-leather wallets that I buy, this one shouldn’t have a hole in the side after a couple of weeks.

The Official Xbox One Carbon Fibre Wallet will cost you £14.99/$16.99.

If you’re going for a heavy gaming sess with the boys, you’re probably going to need something to drink. While a heavy gaming stretch of The Division 2 or Black Ops 4 may be fun, you need to remember to stay hydrated! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, Numskull also made a mug.

The Xbox One Metal Badge Heat Mug is a rather pretty black mug that shows the Xbox logo when you put a warm beverage inside. I love heat changing mugs and this looks to be another pretty one.

The Official Xbox One Metal Badge Heat Change Mug costs £12.99/$14,99.

THEY ALSO MADE SOCKS, XBOX SOCKS! In all seriousness though, Numskull’s socks are incredibly comfortable. These ones cost £7.99/$8.99.

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All of these products are only available to pre-order at the moment but they will be available at retailers in May.

For more Numskull news check out the announcement of their new video game publishing company. For more Xbox merch news, they did actually release the Xbox Onesie and it looks bloody gorgeous!