Numerous Cortana References Found In Windows 10 Technical Preview Build

Cortana Windows 10 Reference 1

From various reports in the past, we have reported that Cortana digital assistant will be coming in Windows 10. In fact, the app was spotted in the leaked Windows Technical Preview Build 9834 with simple app that includes features like Remind Me. Remind Me feature allows you to set reminders based on different data and it works similar to Windows Phone version of Cortana. You can set reminders when you are in contact with certain people, or when you arrive at certain place, etc,.

Today, it was confirmed in the Windows 10 Technical Preview build that Cortana related files are already available. As you can see in the image above, many Cortana files are present in the current build.

Cortana in Windows 10 is expected to function almost the same way as in Windows Phone. It will include support for Cortana Notebook which allows you to personalize the experience.

Cortana’s Notebook includes some interests that are turned on for you by default. You can turn them off or remove them at any time. (You can also add your own interests, like sport and finance.) The default interests in Cortana’s Notebook are:

Weather near me – Cortana can keep you up to date on the weather where you are now, or you can keep tabs on somewhere far away.
Headline news – Pick a topic – business, entertainment, health, politics, sport, technology, UK or world – and Cortana will get you the latest on that subject. If you don’t want to choose, no worries. Cortana will use default news interests.
Trip planner – If you’re expecting to travel soon, the Trip planner interest can help. Cortana will pay attention to any flight itineraries in your email. Then, five hours before your trip, she’ll give you a summary of what’s ahead, including your flight status, traffic conditions on the way to the airport and the weather in your destination city. Depending on your country or region, you can also get rail info.
Getting around – Cortana will let you know how traffic is looking on your normal routes, and give you a heads up if you need extra time to get where you’re going.
Daily glance – Cortana will put together a quick look at your day, with things like weather, traffic and the latest headlines

Cortana Windows 10 Reference 2

Read more about the Cortana references in Windows 10 from the below link.

via: MSFTKitchen

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