Nuans Neo open lush website, pre-orders in Japan


Nuans has opened pre-orders for their Neo Windows 10 Mobile handset in Japan.

The design-focussed handset, which features dual-tone changeable backs with a variety of material choices and also a wide selection of leather flipcases, is being presented on a very attractive website which shows off the device to great effect.

Nuans explains the ethos of the device as such:

With a single swipe of our fingers, we can tap into information from all over the world. Knowledge is now at the tip of our fingers.The birth of the Apple iPhone created a whole new lifestyle that eventually became integrated into many people’s lives. iPhone introduced us to the “smartphone” genre; eventually playing a major role in the way we socialize with each other. Smartphones are the source of connection between people and society. Smartphones have become a huge part of our daily lives, yet, we find ourselves looking at our existing smartphones as primitive.

Chasing the newer, faster, better, technology is what keeps us whole. That must be one reason smartphones have been making life better. However, we started to wonder if there was another way to make the smartphone experience better.

Smartphones have become part of the framework in our everyday lives. Its not too far fetched to say it has become a necessity. However, it seems like just yesterday when the smartphone like devices were only seen in science fiction films or a device in the distant future, inconceivable to the average person.

This is nowhere near the classification of the product anymore. It has immersed itself into the daily necessity of out everyday lives. To us, it should be seen as a tool of perfection. With the emergence of new smartphone capabilities daily, we have become hesitant to commit to just one smartphone. Yearly, smartphones have become bigger and thinner, have increased resolution, and have revolutionary functions.

All these are necessary to enrich the smartphone experience so that new innovations will continue to thrive.

Are we so certain that these innovations lead us to a comfortable life? In the attempts to finding an answer, we have found numerous solutions. Smartphones seem to advance steadily in its advancements in hardware and functions. However, the industry shouldn’t just focus on the next high tech gadget, but what can help bring comfort to our lives. We need to bring a new category that the industry will soon come to value. Functionality and performance has developed into the priority in technological advancements. Could we achieve better results if we moved towards a different direction?

To seek not high-specification, but our enriched and comfortable life with offering reasonable price. This is how we conclude ‘another answer’ ; NuAns NEO.
Not focusing on specs, but on an affordable way to bring enriched comfort to technology is another answer; NuAns NEO.

For a fashion device the handset is surprisingly affordable, clocking in at  42,700 Japanese Yen ($350) with the covers setting you back $12.50 and the flip case $25.50.

The specs of the handset, which supports Continuum includes:

  • Weight : About 150g
  • OS : Windows 10 Mobile
  • CPU : Snapdragon 617 (MSM8952) – Cortex-A53 Octa-core 1.5Ghz
  • Memory : 2GB RAM / 16GB Storage and microSD slot
  • SIM : micro-SIM (nano SIM adapter is included)
  • Support band : 2G Quad band 3G?Band 1/6/8/9/19 42Mbps/5.76Mbps 4G LTE?Band 1/3/8/19/28 Cat.4 Up to 150Mbps.
  • Display : 5 inch 1280*720 with anti-fingerprint coating
  • Camera : 13MP, F2.0, BSI, 28mm Lens (back) / 5MP, F2.4, BSI, 24mm Lens (front)
  • Battery : 3,350mAh, standby more than 400 mins
  • WLAN : 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • One speaker, two microphones
  • USB Type-C (support Quick Charge 2.0)
  • size : 141 x 74.2 x 11.3mm

The handset is set to ship in March.  The page (in English) and pre-orders can be seen here, though it does not appear the company plans to ship outside Japan.

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