NPD: Windows Phone market share doubled in US on strength of Nokia Lumia 900 sales



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There has recently been quite a bit of confusing sales data regarding the Nokia Lumia 900 in USA, with Nielsen stating Nokia’s Lumia handsets only held 0.3% of the US smartphone installed base in Q2 2012.

Now via CNN Money, the NDP has also released some figures to add to the mix.

They revealed for the first two months of Q2 2012 Windows Phone held 4% market share in US, up from 2% in Q1 2012 and 1.4% in Q4 2011.

This was primarily due to sales of the Nokia Lumia 900, with NPD’s Ross Rubin saying: "The Lumia 900 far and away has been driving the increase."

The 4% number is not for the whole quarter of course, and June will likely be a smaller market share than April and May. Interestingly this number is not inconsistent with Nielsen’s numbers, if one assumes around 6 million smartphones are sold each month.

Nokia will be announcing their own sales numbers in two days on the 19th, which should hopefully settle most of these questions.

Do our readers think sales of less than 1 million Lumia 900’s in US will be enough to satisfy investors? Let us know below.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

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