Now Apple steals Windows Phone 7 camera viewfinder also

iOS-5-CameraMicrosoft’s Joe Belfiore has said they are flattered by Apple copying Windows Phone 7 features like being able to take pictures without unlocking your phone.  I suspect they did not see the full extent of the IP theft however.

9 to 5 Mac writes that the iPhone camera app now has a new feature – while in the view finder swiping from left to right now takes you to the camera roll, and if you continue swiping you can scroll through your pictures.  A tap on on the picture brings up a menu which will take you back to the view finder.

The system should sound very familiar to any Windows Phone 7 user, although of course Apple’s implementation sounds much cruder and frankly tacked on compared to the sleek and integrated Windows Phone 7 version.

We wonder what other Windows Phone 7 features will show up on iOS next?  Maybe a less old and cluttered user interface?