Now 400,000 apps in Windows and Windows phone Store


There is a race to close the app gap between Windows and iOS/Android.

In that battle Neowin has noticed that a milestone has just been reached – according to Microsoft’s posters at BUILD 2014 there are now 400,000 Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps in the various stores.

The sign also proclaims that 14 million of these apps are downloaded per day, suggesting that there is certainly value in the combined ecosystem for developers.  More than 50 million Windows Phones have been sold, and several hundred million copies of Windows 8.

 According to Stephen Elop the largest balance of apps are in the Windows Phone Store, with 245,000, while more than 150,000 reside in the Windows Store.

While some may argue a large portion of the numbers are poor quality apps, this is unfortunately universally true with the other app stores also, and the number of headline apps in both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 stores are continuing to increase steadily.

The arrival of Universal apps which run unchanged on both Windows Phone and Windows 8 should soon mean that we see even more meaningful ecosystem synergies between the two platforms, which is only good news for both users and developers looking to make money.