Now 1245 applications Marketplace, soon all accessible to everyone

Microsoft has released some facts about Windows Mobile on their blog site today.

Significant information include that there are now 1245 apps in Marketplace, from 1325 registered developers.

The average asking price in Marketplace is $6.26, and the average selling price is $5.36.  This means developers are fortunately charging close to what consumers are optimally willing to pay, and there is not a huge concentration on cheap or free apps.

In the same vein the biggest seller by revenue is SPB Mobile Shell for $29.99.  Amazingly this suggests the race to the bottom may be a bad idea for developers in the Windows Mobile Marketplace, and the optimum strategy are not nearly free apps.

The biggest seller, but obviously not largest revenue generator, was Meon, who also had a free Lite version.

They also note that that developers submitting now will find their app in Marketplace sooner rather than later.  Since launching in October, average vetting time has dropped from 30 to 10 days and average time to certify has dropped from 12 to less than 5 days with less variation.

As mentioned earlier, Marketplace is also getting more developer friendly by:

  • Free app submissions to additional markets: ISVs will no longer have to pay a $10 fee for submitting applications to additional markets. Once an application has been certified for a primary market as part of the existing $99 submission fee, ISVs can now submit for free that same application to as many other catalogues as they want, as long as they meet the current Market Validation guidelines.
  • Applications policy changes: We are also taking this opportunity to make some changes to the existing application acceptance policies, and are now allowing VoIP applications that use a carrier network, unless explicitly prohibited by a mobile operator.
  • Improved registration, submission and management process. We’ve welcomed and acted on a lot of feedback from ISVs on how we can improve things. We’ve listened, and fixed a lot of the problems and annoyances you’ve told us about to make it easier to register, submit applications for multiple markets, and simplify the update process. You’ll see them all over. Tell us what you think and keep the feedback coming

Microsoft is also releasing a Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Developer Toolkit (DTK) which brings goodies such as Bing Map Control, Widget VS Integration, Bubble Tiles, Auto Dialog Layout, and more, which will be available later this week.

With more than 30 million handsets Marketplace capable are developers missing out on an opportunity to make money?  Let us know below.

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