NotifyMe – a novel approach to getting a Notification Hub on your Windows Phone 8 lock screen

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NotifyMe by developer Alex White takes a novel approach to getting notifications from apps and services on your Windows Phone 8 lock screen.

The service uses a web hub to receive notifications either from online services such as Facebook and Twitter, or from apps running on your device, pulls them down to your phone and then adds them as image overlays on your lock screen. The app does not use or interfere with the native lock screen notification service, which is limited to only one detailed entry and 5 badge notifications.

The service relies on 3rd party developer adoption, but does provide the service for free to developers, and promises to promote the apps which do implement the API.

One of the weaknesses of the implementation is that notifications can not be interacted with directly from the lock screen, and that it relies on the security and integrity of a 3rd party web service.

Alex expects the app to become available in around 2 weeks time.  The app will be available either paid or free with ads. 

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