The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus was a good choice for Hideo Kojima’s post-apocalyptic deliveryman simulator Death Stranding, and it looks like the duo are teaming up again. 

Since the actor was primed to star in the leading role for Konami’s now-cancelled Silent Hills, Reedus has maintained a strong relationship with Hideo Kojima. As such, Reedus and Kojima will be working on another project together.

Revealed through an interview with Wired, Norman Reedus discovered that he was “in talks” with Kojima to star in a future project, potentially a new Death Stranding game.

“We did Death Stranding, which was a huge hit, and we’re in talks to do other stuff,” Reedus told Wired. [I’m] “talking to Hideo about maybe doing some Death Stranding stuff.”

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Death Stranding will be leaving the confines of its PlayStation 4 exclusivity later this year with the arrival of the 505 Games-published Death Stranding PC port. The new port of the game will support a bevy of new features including a photo mode.