Nonograms! A Picross-style game for Windows Phone 7

Newly uploaded to the Marketplace is the game Nonograms! from Sleeping Giant Games. If you’ve played Picross before, then you’re familiar with how to play. Its basically a puzzle laid out on a grid with number clues which tell you which cells of the grid need to be filled in. Once all the correct cells are filled in, it reveals a hidden picture.

The game features:

  • 50 unique puzzles
  • Random puzzle generator
  • Flexible on screen controls for efficient and comfortable puzzle solving
  • Trial mode with the first level available and a limited number of random puzzles
  • A tutorial to walk you through the basics of solving a nonogram and how to use the game controls

The game is $0.99 with a free trial and can be downloaded from  marketplace here.

Read more at Sleeping Giant Games here.