Nominate your favourite finger-friendly Windows 10 apps

We railed recently against the poor support for touch in Edge, but of course, the issue is much more pervasive in Windows 10, after Microsoft pivoted back towards mouse and keyboard after the disastrous adoption of Windows 8.

Windows 10 is, however, an app platform, and we are not tied to using the included apps if there are better ones available which offer more comfortable touch support.

That, however, is not a review criterion, and while there are actually a list of pen-friendly apps, there is not one for those who wish to navigate by touch.

We are however here to change it, and in what I hope is the start of a series, I am now asking our readers to nominate their favourite finger-friendly apps, be they 1st or 3rd party, which I will then compile into a list which we can hopefully regularly update.

If you have a favourite, fire away in the comments below (a link to the app would make things somewhat easier also.)

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