Nokia’s Pricy Purity Pro headphones show up on Amazon, but not in stock yet




The long-awaited wireless Purity Pro Wireless Stereo headphones by Nokia, which feature Bluetooth Stereo and NFC pairing, has debuted on  Amazon, finally allowing us to see the price, which hits an an ear-splitting high note of $349,00.

While the accessory is listed, it has still to appear on centre stage, as Amazon has it marked as Out of Stock.

Nokia has sung high praised for the Monster-branded device, noting buyers will have a choice of choosing to use the wire or going wireless, be able to unfold headset to power on, and have the benefit of ultimate voice quality supplemented by Active Noise Cancellation.

Are any of our readers planning to do the monster with these Purity Pros? Give a shout out below.

Via WPC.

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