Nokia’s DC-50 and DT-601 wireless chargers now at Clove


25, 2014

Nokia DC-50Nokia DT-601

Nokia’s new generation of wireless chargers, introduced at Nokia World last year, are now at

The Nokia DC-50 is Nokia’s new wireless charger which incorporates a 2400 mAh battery which can itself be wirelessly charged. It is perfect for charging your phone every day, and taking it with you as an extra external battery if you know your day is going to be long.

It includes an LED indicator to show you what the charging level of your external battery is, and only weighs 150g. It is available in Red, Yellow, White and Cyan.

Commensurate with its technology level, it is also pretty pricy, at  £69.99 including VAT or $96 if buying from overseas.

For your more basic charging needs, the DT-601 is a small circular charging pad, available in Red, black, Cyan, Yellow and White.

With no special tricks (except of course being able to charge directly from USB) the charging plate only costs £39.99 including VAT or $55 from overseas.

The DT-601 is available now, while the DC-50 is awaiting first stock.

Find them at Clove here (DT-601) and here (DC-50).

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