Nokia’s Camera Guru warns that Pureview is not about 41 megapixels


I think the leaks, which seems to be accepted as accurate, of the Nokia Lumia 920 Pureview has dashed hopes of a 41 megapixel Pureview Windows Phone.  This has left many disappointed and raised accusations that Nokia is abusing the meaning of Pureview as just a label which promises nothing, much like Carl Zeiss was pretty meaningless with Nokia’s Windows Phone 7.5 handsets.

Nokia’s camera guru Damian Dinning however is making it clear the Pureview name means more than just 41 million pixels, but, in his words, is about “is about blending optics, pixels and image processing in new and different ways to allow you to do things you otherwise cannot”.

The truth however is that if Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 Pureview phones does not deliver on the brand promise of great pictures which are best in class, the response from the online media will be pretty unforgiving, no matter that Damian says.