Nokia X2 Android Device Hands-On (Video)

Today, Nokia announced the next generation Nokia X series device, Nokia X2. Nokia X2 is powered by Snapdragon 200 CPU and 1GB RAM. The software and user experience has also got a significant update with the release of Nokia X2. As opposed to previous Nokia X models, Nokia X2 features a home screen on the front. The back button now provides quick-and-easy multitasking support. It also includes double tap to wake up option as well.

The Nokia X2 is also equipped with another navigation option; the brand-new ‘apps list’, which keeps your home screen clear for your most used apps, bringing Nokia X2 in line with the existing Lumia experience.

More personalisation options are now available on the start screen, too, thanks to the tile color-picker feature.

This device will be a great competitor to the recently released Moto E devices in the emerging markets.

via: Conversations