Nokia “working very hard on Instagram”

imageWith a camera-centric focus the biggest annoyance for Nokia must be that the most popular photo sharing network is not making an app for their platform.

Nokia is not simply sitting around however and waiting for Instagram, who is being run as an independent subsidiary of Facebook, to make up their minds.

TechCrunch spoke to Brian Biniak, Vice President and General Manager of App development at Nokia, who’s job it is to bring popular apps with global reach, like Instagram, to the platform.

He said:

TC: Let’s move on to a tougher question. The Lumia 1020 is clearly built with imaging in mind, and when I think of mobile photography there’s one app that dominates the thought. You know where I’m headed: What’s the deal with Instagram? When can we expect them on the platform and what are you doing to get them there? Have talks begun?

BB: We are working… very hard on Instagram. We’re working closely with Facebook — as you know, we work with them across all kinds of devices. Microsoft has a close relationship with Facebook, which you can see from the Bing decision, and… for Instagram. We’re working on that.

We’ve also extended our relationship with Twitter so Vine will also come to the platform later this year.

Of course due to the presence of apps like Instance and Instagraph much of the pressure from the Windows Phone community itself to get Instagram has been relieved, but it would take an official app to remove the barrier for reviewers and new buyers.

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