Nokia working on My Commute for Here Drive and other Here titbits


23, 2013

Author Surur // in News


Nokia held a twit-question session a few days ago, and have now posted a transcript of the  Q&A via Storify.

The interview reveals such titbits such as that Nokia is working to map Japan and the whole world really,  that they have 45 trucks going round the world doing this job, have indoor maps for 29,000 buildings, that reading street names will never come to Windows Phone 7 and that Nokia is working on Livesight rather than 3D maps like on iOS.

Most interesting to me is that Nokia is still working on getting traffic information into Nokia Drive +.  The info is readily available in Nokia Maps, but is not used for route planning in  Drive, which seems a shame.  The feature will however arrive as part of My Commute,  which Nokia has previously suggested will make GPS navigation so useful drivers will use it even when driving to familiar locations.

See the transcript at Storify here.

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