Nokia VP claims Nokia Lumia Marketing Mistakes, confirms Lumia 610 coming to pre-pay market in Europe have spoken to Nokia’s VP for corporate transformation Ukko Lappalainen, who admitted they could have done better promoting the Nokia Lumia 710 and 800.

“Having been formerly based in the UK, I do have a feel for that market.” he said. “I know there were some mistakes made but we are now much more focused and comfortable about our place in the market. Our product designs are very distinctive and they’ll provide a new experience for our customers.”

One can only assume Nokia did not the desired response from their massive marketing campaign of the Nokia Lumia 800 in UK, which saw television and print adverts and numerous publicity stunts.

He said Nokia’s forthcoming Lumia devices would make a ‘good fit’ for the European market. The Lumia 610, which goes on sale this month, will be targeted at prepay customers. Nokia will also bring a non-LTE version of its Lumia 900 phone to the UK.

Lappalainen said: ‘The new Lumia phones have great music and entertainment features and offer almost perfect picture quality. So we’re confident this will appeal to the youth market in particular.’

Do our readers think Nokia did not market Windows Phone well, or did they merely underestimate the resistance and inertia in the market? Let us know below.