Nokia Video Director Companion app now in the Windows Phone Store

It turns out you do not need to buy a Nokia Lumia 1520 to accompany your new Nokia Lumia 2520, as Nokia has just released the Nokia Video Director companion app for all NFC-equipped Lumias.

The app is designed to help you capture video which is then transferred via NFC and WIFI direct to your Lumia tablet, where the full-blown Video Director app can be used to edit it.

Nokia notes in the description:

“The Nokia Video Director companion phone app helps you quickly capture and transfer videos and template projects to your Nokia tablet. The app is a great way to capture videos and start your projects on your phone when you do not have your Nokia tablet available. The Nokia Video Director phone app guides you through the capture of videos for your templates (Birthday, Holiday, News, etc.) and the transfer of those videos to your tablet. You can than complete your video projects on your template. Please note that this phone app is meant to be used in conjunction with your Nokia tablet running the full Nokia Video Director app.”

imageWhile the app is great for what it is, I am sure our readers would also like a full video editing solution for Windows Phone also.

If you have a new Lumia tablet however, download the Video Director companion app from the Windows Phone Store here.