Nokia Vice President: Windows 8 marks Metro Apps as the ‘New thing’ with high aspirational value and great consumer appeal.

Nokia Senior Vice President Marco Argenti says Metro Apps are new and aspirational.

Nokia Senior Vice President Marco Argenti has been attending BUILD and has posted his impressions.

He observed that Windows 8 has energized the developer community with a common paradigm that can be developed for using numerous tools and technologies, and that is served as a unifying force.

He set out his points below:

  • BUILD clearly position Metro Apps as the ‘New thing’ with high aspirational value and great consumer appeal.
  • BUILD gave developers multiple ways to create a Metro App, and make those ways all feel equally valid and with the same level of support.
  • BUILD showed a clear parallelism between Phone apps and Windows 8 apps. Phone is the current opportunity to create, test, deploy and monetize Metro apps. They look and feel similar from a user standpoint, and from a developer standpoint most of the existing knowledge can be leveraged across platforms (C#, XAML, expression blend etc).
  • Windows 8 innovated on the UI and functionality, taking the gesture paradigm to the next level with the introduction of things such as Semantic Zoom (objects change behaviour depending on zoom level), live Tiles (as in Mango), introducing application contracts (every app can be the target or source of information, locally installed apps become a ‘web of apps’) just to name a few.

The excitement for Windows 8 will clearly spill over into Windows Phone 7 development , and he observes “Writing an app for Windows Phone is the opportunity that’s available here and now for consumers to experience Metro apps, and for developers to build, distribute and monetize Metro apps.”

He notes that since the announcement of their agreement with Microsoft registration in Nokia’s developer program has increased 55%, the biggest increase ever.  To capitalize on this the company intends to launch hundreds of developer events in many countries to help developers monetize the new opportunities presented by the coming launch of Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets.

With potentially hundreds of millions of Metro Apps users in the next year or two how could any developer ignore the call?

Read his full post at Nokia’s developer blog here.