Nokia “very sure of the success of new Lumia phones”

imageVipul Mehrotra, Director & Head of Smart Devices, at Nokia India, spoke to the Times of India about Nokia’s smartphone strategy.

He has previously spent 4 years in Helsinki working on Nokia’s strategy and led the negotiations with Microsoft which resulted in the adoption in Windows Phone.

As expected, he remains very upbeat about the technology and Nokia’s commitment to it, saying:

We are happy with the response Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 are getting…

We are very sure of the success of new Lumia phones. As for the Plan B, there is none. But what I can tell you at the moment is that we are committed to Windows Phone and we have many more exciting devices in pipeline. These two are just the beginning.

When asked why the company went for Windows Phone over the other rival operating systems, he noted that even then Microsoft had revealed their sweeping vision of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 integration and “we liked what we saw.”

They also did not choose Android, as they preferred to be a leader and not “one of the many companies that make Android phones.”

On rivalry with Samsung he said:

We heartily welcome Samsung to the Windows Phone ecosystem and we hope that they get serious about it. It is good for the ecosystem. That said, we are number one in the ecosystem and we are going to keep it like this. As for the pace, we are now different. I can promise that with our expertise in design — just see how beautiful Lumia phones are — soon other companies will have to catch us.

Read the full interview at Times of India here.