Nokia Updates Display+touch App With Support For Quick Mode In Glance Settings

Quick look at "Peek" setting for Glance Screen on Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia today updated their Display+Touch app for Windows Phone 8 devices. The new v1.6 update brings support untitled(4)for quick mode in Glance settings and also has some bug fixes. If you have a Windows Phone 8 device with GDR2 and Nokia Amber update, today’s update will add another new option in the “on-screen clock” settings. You can now hover your hand over your phone to see your glance screen with the newly added “Peek” option to glance menu setting. WPCentral made a quick video on this, which you can watch it above.

In Display part, the app allows one to set the color temperature of your display, from cold and blue to warm and red and anything in-between.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for your Nokia device.