Nokia TV and Nokia Flight Info apps leaked

Nokia App Highlights zeigt unveröffentlichte Nokia und Microsoft Apps managed to grab some unreleased Nokia apps before the company closed the loophole in their Highlights app.

They found this list of unreleased Nokia apps:

  • Nokia Locate3D
  • Nokia Meet
  • Meet Nokia (2.0)
  • Nokia Conference
  • Nokia News & Views
  • Nokia Alpha News
  • Nokia Approve Demo
  • Nokia TV
  • Nokia Beta Flights
  • Nokia Mobile BI

The most interesting of these are apps like Nokia TV and Nokia Beta Flights, but unfortunately most of the apps required log-ins or would only work for the developer.

While it may be that not all of these apps will hit the market it remains clear that Nokia is not sitting on their laurels when it comes to developing and supporting the ecosystem.

See more screen shots at here.