Nokia to launch Nokia Lumia 900 in Hong Kong with new Camera features


A while ago we reported from analysis of a leaked ROM that Nokia would be updating the camera features of their Lumia range to include features such as Panorama and Self-timer.

That the feature would be built-in was confirmed by Nokia’s camera guru Damian Dinning.  So far Nokia has only released the Nokia Creative Studio, which includes a Panorama app, and we had thought that was it.

Now we have a report from BLOGJACK, a Nokia blog in Hong Kong,  who attended a briefing giving by Nokia Hong Kong and a local retailer, Wilsoncomm on the Nokia Lumia 900, where it was revealed that the Lumia 900 will ship with what they call Camera Extension. 

The software will bring Lumia users a panorama feature, smart group capture, burst mode and self timer.

One of Nokia’s major claims to fame has always been their camera software, so it would be good to see them taking charge some more of this user experience in their Lumia phones.

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