Nokia talks about Groupon integration in Nokia Maps

Nearby-Deals Deal-Description

Nokia has rebranded itself as the Where company, in an effort to leverage their important Navteq asset.

As part of the effort they are integrating Groupon in their Nokia Maps 2.5 update.

In the app local deals will be marked with a green G flag. Each offer will come with detailed product info, and will redirect the user to the Groupon mobile site when selected. The service will only for phones in US.

Nokia Maps will be replacing Bing Maps in Windows Phone 8 on all Windows Phones.

Michael Halbherr, exec VP of location and commerce, Nokia, noted that this was an important part of the plan.

"Nokia will continue nurturing Nokia Maps beyond its signature services. We believe every aspect of the mobile phone will be redefined using location.

"For location to be meaningful, you need a map and a map platform–either you go in and spend multiple years creating that asset, or you acquire that asset. Over the years we’ve built this asset, and that brings us into a very strong position. It’s not something you can catch up to very quickly.

"Scale is critical to our growth. That’s why the horizontal nature of the Windows Phone deal is critical."