Nokia starting ‘Drive to Store’ marketing campaign in France

amazing-van-nokia-1 nokia-van-lumia800

Nokia is launching a new marketing event in France: "Nokia Drive to Store" with the Nokia Amazing Van.

In Paris 2 Nokia Vans are giving free coffees to people on the street, today and on December, the 2nd. In a few French cities, Nokia is also giving free fruit juice cocktails using tricycles.

The locations involved are:

  • Paris: Place du Chatelet, boulevard Sebastopol, rue Pierre Lescot.
  • Paris: Boulevard Haussmann Saint-Lazare.
  • Paris: Boulevard Saint Germain, Rue Saint Jacques, boulevard Saint Michel.
  • Lyon: Rue de la République, rue de Grenette.
  • Bordeaux: St. Catherine Street.
  • Nantes: Beaulieu at the mall.
  • Strasbourg: Rue des Grandes Arcades, Cathedral Square.
  • Boulogne Billancourt: rue Jean Jaures, rue Gallieni.
  • Nokia is also running a contest to win 4 Lumia 800s and 2 Nokia Volkswagen Vans. The vans and tricycles will be handing out tickets to passers-by to enter the contest. The vans have been decorated by the artist Vincent de COLAGENE and each one costs 19 000 euros!

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