Nokia Sold 8.2 Million Lumia Devices In Q4 2013 And Other Highlights From Financial Results

Few hours back, we reported about Nokia’s Q4 2013 financial results and we noted that Nokia didn’t provide any Lumia sales numbers. Nokia has now informed that it sold 8.2 million Lumia devices last quarter which is down from 8.8 million Lumia units sold in Q3 2013. Even though it is an 86 percent increase from the same period last year, sales are down QoQ. As Nokia noted in their financial report earlier today, release of new devices like iPhone 5S, Galaxy Note 3 have affected their sales.

Other highlights from Nokia’s report,

  • Nokia announced that Samsung extended a patent license agreement between Nokia and Samsung for 5 years. Samsung will pay compensation to Nokia for the period commencing from January 1, 2014. The amount to be paid by Samsung will be finally settled in a binding arbitration, which is expected to be concluded during 2015.
  • In the fourth quarter 2013, HERE had sales of new vehicle licenses of 3.2 million units, compared to 2.4 million units in the fourth quarter 2012 and 2.6 million units in the third quarter 2013. On a year-on-year basis, unit sales to vehicle customers increased primarily due to higher vehicle sales and higher consumer uptake of invehicle navigation.
  • Nokia’s Extraordinary General Meeting held on November 19, 2013 confirmed and approved the sale of substantially all of Nokia’s Devices & Services business to Microsoft in line with the proposal and recommendation of the Nokia Board of Directors. More than 99 % of the votes cast at the Extraordinary General Meeting were in favor of this proposal.
  • Nokia expects the sale of Devices and Services business to complete in Q1 2014.

Source: Nokia