Nokia sells more than 70% of Windows Phone 8 handsets, but HTC 8X does benefit from being on more carriers



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Adduplex have released some data to Paul Thurrott which indicates that Nokia’s dominance of Windows Phone has continued into the Windows Phone 8 generation, with Nokia selling nearly 80% of Windows Phone 8 handsets worldwide.

The data also shows a hunger for high-end handsets, with 3 times more Nokia Lumia 920 handsets being sold as Nokia Lumia 820s. The HTC 8S does not even chart.

In USA the Nokia Lumia 920 also dominates on AT&T, with 71% of Windows Phones sold there being 920s. The HTC 8X is the choice of only 18% of buyers, while the Nokia Lumia 820 is being purchased by only 11%.

Overall in the US however it seems with the wider distribution of Windows Phones on Verizon  also, AT&T’s portion of the handsets have reduced, with the Nokia Lumia 920 now only 43% of Windows Phone 8 handsets, while 46% of Windows Phone 8 handsets being sold on Verizon and T-Mobile combined.

The HTC 8X managed to make up ground by being on the other carriers in US selling 50% more on T-Mobile and Verizon than it did on AT&T by itself, suggesting Nokia could have sold nearly 2.5 times as many Nokia Lumia 920 handsets if it was available on all carriers.

Overall Windows Phone 8 handsets are now 20% of all Windows Phones, up from 5% month ago, suggesting they have enjoyed pretty good sales.

We expect to have the full set of data tomorrow to look at all the nuances, but it remains pretty clear than Windows Phone 8 is Nokia game to lose at this minute.

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