Nokia says retailer demand forced it to bring the Nokia Lumia 510 to the UK


1, 2013

Author Surur // in News


We reported earlier that the Nokia Lumia 510 was coming to UK retailer Phones4U.

Now Nokia has told TechRadar that they would have preferred to concentrate on their Windows Phone 8 range, but retailer demand forced them to bring the handset to UK.

"We had a lot of enquiries from customers for the Lumia 510, there’s quite a bit of demand; we’re expecting it to be ranged at one of the retailers, but it’s obviously a Windows Phone 7.8 device so it’s going to be a short term device. We’re fulfilling a demand," a spokesman said.

The 800 Mhz Windows Phone 7.8 device with a 4 inch screen will likely hit a much lower price point than the Nokia Lumia 620, and serve the same customers as the Nokia Lumia 610, which has been a popular low-end phone in UK, usually retailing for £99 on PAYGo.

It is not yet known if any carrier will be offering the handset and the exact price point, or exactly how long a “short term device” normally lasts on the market.

Do our readers think this is the right move for Nokia? Let us know below.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

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