Nokia Says It Can Still Differentiate With Location-based Services Even After Losing Nokia Drive Exclusivity

At Nokia Conversations blog today, there was an interesting post on Location-based services on mobile devices. One of the biggest differentiator of Nokia Windows Phone devices are their Location based apps such Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport, Nokia Maps, etc,. Recently, Microsoft announced that Nokia Drive will offer turn-by-turn navigation solution to all Windows Phone 8 based devices. Many of readers raised concerns about Nokia losing its exclusivity to other Windows Phone OEMs.

Here is the response from Nokia on this issue,

Nokia Drive might not be exclusive to Nokia smartphones anymore but that doesn’t mean that we can’t differentiate with apps anymore. How can we still do it? First of all, navigation on Windows Phone 8 will be always exclusively provided by Nokia. Then by having the very closest, deepest integration possible. So watch this space for more apps and upgrades that become a seamless aspect of the overall Nokia Lumia experience.

More than that, Nokia provided an interesting analogy to explain the Location platform which will power various services in the future,

The location business can be explained in terms of ingredients and recipes. The map and all the info it contains are the ingredients. The location platform is a set of basic-to-advanced recipes to cook those ingredients. And the apps are dishes ready to eat.

If you are hungry, you go to a deli or to a restaurant and you eat what you feel like at that moment. You want some sushi? You go to a Japanese restaurant. That’s a bit like being on foot and deciding to use Nokia Transport to get somewhere. Customisation in these cases is limited: you know how to order or how to operate the app, but everything is constrained by the programmed user experience.

If you are a cook, with more or less expertise, however, you can buy ingredients and follow recipes to create your own dish. Even more tailored to your need. It requires some effort, but you can decide on the taste, size and appearance of the final product. The same happens if you are a big or small developer and you want to use our location platform and content to build your own location-based experiences.

Perhaps you can now see that the location business is not only about apps (final products) but also, and most importantly, about the platform (ingredients and recipes).

Read more at Nokia Conversations.

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