Nokia RM-1020 is the Dual-SIM Lumia 530 heading East


We recently posted that the Nokia RM-1020, revealed by the Thai certification authority, is the international version of the Nokia RM-1018, heading to North America, which was thought to be the Nokia Lumia 530.image

Now the FCC has added some further confirmation and new information.

The handset is indeed very similar to the Nokia RM-1018, including being identical in size and shape, but has 2 EMEI numbers, indicating it is a dual-SIM handset.

The label also clearly indicates the handset is heading to Thailand, Australia and so forth, which likely includes places like India where Dual-SIM is important.

The handset, which has already been shown by AdDuplex to have a 480×854 screen, is expected to have a 4 inch screen and 5 megapixel camera without hard camera and navigation buttons.