Nokia Releases Updated Nokia Imaging SDK With New Capabilities



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Nokia today announced the release of Nokia Imaging SDK v1.0 with lots of improvements. Nokia Imaging SDK allows developers to take advantage of powerful library of image manipulation tools that already powers Nokia’s own imaging applications, such as Creative Studio. The imaging SDK makes use of Random Access JPEG (RAJPEG) format to offer great performance and a low memory footprint.

New Features:

  • Partial JPEG decoding
    Using RAJPEG technology, access image data without decoding a whole JPEG image for blazingly fast previews, application of effects, rotation, and cropping of high resolution images.
  • Updated, easy to use API
    The Nokia Imaging SDK 1.0 delivers  a WinPRT library, which has been updated to better follow Win RT conventions. The API is available from both managed (C# and VB) and native (C++) code, is really simple to use, and comes with a range of intuitive classes and methods.
  • Over 50 filters, effects, and enhancements
    The library comes packed with effects, filters, and enhancements for you to use; from the simple, such as auto-enhance, frame, and brightness to those with advanced capabilities such as adjusting RGB levels, hue, and saturation.
    New filters in 1.0 include Chromakey which enables “green screen” magic, compositing images from background and cutoffs.
  • Roll your own
    With the new SDK release, it is now possible to create completely custom filters for your own unique effects.
  • Crop, resize, rotate, and undo
    Cropping, rotating, and resizing is supported; you can now crop and rotate in one step with the Reframing API. What’s more you can take advantage of the built-in unlimited undo functionality.
  • Use the camera as a source
    Use the Camera Helper API for easier access to camera functionality.
  • Compatibility
    Nokia Imaging SDK is designed to support Windows Phone 8 apps.

Find more details about it here. Read about the announcement here.

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