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Nokia as a global company has always taken social responsibility seriously.  Many organisations, such charities and NGOs, are dependent upon the collection and analysis of information from real people in real communities. Nokia has been for some time helping these organizations collect this data using the Nokia Data Gathering app, available for their Symbian and S40 phones using a Java app.

The app has now been updated for Windows Phone 7.  To use the app organizations create survey or questionnaire on the Nokia Data Gathering server which are then sent to the mobile phones in the field, where the data can be easily captured, analysed, mapped or exported. Because mobile phones can transmit data even from remote locations, the information collected can become available for analysis in near-real time.

The system also allows the user to geo-tag data with GPS coordinates, providing an additional layer of information and helping to validate data.

Nokia Data Gathering was developed in Brazil, where a department of the state health ministry called the Health Vigilance Foundation (FVS) started monitoring the spread of Dengue Fever.

See the video after the break for more on the service.

The service is free and the app can be found in Marketplace here.

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