Nokia Purity Pro by Monster Wireless Bluetooth headphones reviewed

CNET has reviewed Nokia’s $349 Purity Pro by Monster Bluetooth Headphones.

They found the headphones were light, compact, had long battery life, and provide well-balanced audio, but were disappointed that it lacked a companion app and that the active noise cancellation can not be turned off.

On the sound quality they said:

The Purity Pro supports both the AAC and Aptec high-definition audio standards for the best possible audio quality over a wireless or corded connection. Listening to music through Bluetooth was enjoyable; the headset produced a sizable helping of bass, a clear midrange, plus crisp highs. I also experienced wide and satisfying spatial effects and plenty of volume.

They concluded:

In many ways, the $349.99 Nokia Purity Pro stereo headset by Monster is a superb smartphone accessory. It produces pleasing and well-balanced audio with plenty of bass, too, and it’s bristling with hi-tech features. Able to fold up into a compact shape, it’s easy to pack, lasts very long between charges, and is easy to use thanks to its automatic operation and NFC pairing as well. The headphones’ few flaws — you can’t turn the Purity’s noise cancelling on or off, and there’s no companion phone application for greater control — will likely only matter to serious audiophiles. If these shortcomings are a sticking point, I suggest spending $50 more for the $399.99 Parrot Zik. The Zik has those features, similar audio performance, and even features fancy touch controls.

The device scored 7.7 out of 10. Read the full review at CNET here.