Nokia Publishes Windows Phone 8 Guide For Developers

Unlike other Windows Phone OEMs like HTC and Samsung, Nokia is actively working with developers to bring more apps to the Windows Phone eco-system. In fact, they even introduced two new developer programs for Windows Phone developers. First, Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX) free way for developers to quickly and easily monetise their apps using in-app advertising. Second, Nokia Premium Developer Program (NPDP) which costs $99 USD for an annual membership, and this membership gives you tools and services valued at up to $1,500 USD.

Now, Nokia has published a guide with hundreds of pages about the new features that are part. This guide will introduce you to the most significant API additions and changes in Windows Phone 8 and an example application is used to show the practical code you need to write to make use of these new features of Windows Phone 8.

Check it out here.